An Interview with Bob Pressner: Billboard Hot Singles Sensation
A social media sensation Bob Pressner’s "American Dream,” the breakout anthem that’s become a lightning rod for the current sociopolitical era of U.S. history, remained at #1 on the Billboard Hot Singles Sales Chart for 7 weeks this summer, ahead of tracks by K.O. Lamar and Nate $avage Featuring Quikk.
Slowly building an audience the video went viral in early spring, eventually climbing to number one in Canada, Mexico, Russia, Germany, Brazil, England, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, and Israel. At the beginning of May, propelled by millions of YouTube views and hundreds of thousands of Spotify streams, “American Dream” debuted at #12 on the Billboard Hot Rock Chart, ahead of tracks by John Mayer and Linkin Park, then jumping to #10 the following week. Simultaneously landing on the Billboard Hot Singles Sales Chart, it’s logged seven consecutive weeks in the Top 5, with three weeks at #1. “American Dream” recently surpassed 13 million views on YouTube (his channel eclipsed 57 million) and 1 million streams on Spotify.
A former Wall Street Trader, 62-year old Pressner left his day job (and New York City) after a truck bomb was detonated underneath the World Trade Center in 1993. It shook him to the core and woke him up. Guided by the light of a thoughtful egalitarian torch, Pressner began creating music that is substantial, with significant messages. Eight albums under his belt, his music and messages have resonated. Anointed the “first great troubadour since Paul Simon and James Taylor” by LA Examiner, Bob’s ongoing mission is to inform and educate with lyrics and music that is authentic, giving people something to make them think, reflect, and awaken. "American Dream,” from his album Everyman, perfectly represents this ethos while taking a hard look at the state of our country and the divisiveness surrounding the current administration.
This summer, in conjunction with a series of shows in Florida, Pressner has an XFINITY Sessions Concert premiering on Comcast XFINITY On Demand (available in 24 million homes). Recorded before an intimate audience at the Inn at Willow Grove in Orange, VA, Pressner opened for David Duchovny (X-Files, Californication, Aquarius). Band members included guitarist Steve Fekete (Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne, Vertical Horizon), bassist Al Berry (Avril Lavigne, N’Dea Davenport, Vaughan Brothers) and keyboardist Jim McGorman(Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne, Cassadee Pope).
ConciergeQ spoke with Bob Pressner about being #1 for 7 weeks on the Billboard Hot Singles Sales Chart with "American Dream."
ConciergeQ: Bob, as basically an unknown artist, how did you breakthrough on the Billboard charts, YouTube and Spotify?
Bob Pressner: Honestly, it's all pretty incredible. I wasn't trying to change the world or take over social media. I was just asking a simple question: "What ever happened to the American Dream?”
CQ: So you have been #1 on Billboard, a position that can mostly be credited to your video of "American Dream," but you have no insights as to how to inspire artists hoping to follow in your viral footsteps.
BP: Honestly, I'm not real even proficient on Facebook. My friend created a video for me and that really created the success.. and my song of course.
CQ: Of course... You also were not necessarily attempting to be political with "American Dream."
BP: No, I was only asking: "What ever happened to the American Dream?"--two years prior to the recent election. It touched a cord, as all music should.
CQ: Like all music in a impactful times should: Dylan, Seeger.
BP: Definately, but look at what recently happend at an Ariana Grande concert... music has power, art has power. What she is saying, as a young pop artist, is obviously threatnening enough to motivate someone to do something as terrible as what happened in Manchester.
CQ: What a great point.
BP: In a similar way, YouTube recently censored my video "American Dream." I've appealed but I'm sure I won't hear anything--someone does not like what I am saying.
CQ: Really?
BP: Really... But yet Billboard had to track me down and ask who I was when I hit #1. It's been interesting.
CQ: Fascinating really, Billboard had no idea who you were?
BP: None, but I still have more to say musically... much more.
CQ: I bet. Thank you, Bob. It's been a wonderful conversation. We'll be following what is happening with you.
BP: Thank you!
- - -
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