ConciergeQ Recommends: Stress Relieving Gifts

During this unusual time, you might be experiencing an unusual amount of stress. No worries! ConciergeQ is here to offer some gift suggestions to help make your life--on the road or at home--less stressful.

Aria Travel Kit: 

When road tripping, RV-ing or trekking across the country with the family, one might need a little break. Look no further than the Aria Kit, which is an adorable travel essentials package. This vegan leather bag is filled with locally sourced items from the Pacific Northwest that will make you feel oh-so-much better. Every Aria kit has over 12 items, including Aria moisturizer & lip balm by Handmade La Conner, Aria all-natural deodorant by Wood’s Body Goods, and a sumptuous eye mask made from the most luxurious silk with a density of 22--guaranteeing shut eye while on the road.

"I absolutely love this wonderful travel kit! The eye mask is so beautiful and comforting, and the kit's "basic necessities," which includes a hair tie, ear plugs, disposable COVID face mask, Emergen-C, Q-Tips, and a pen, help to the eliminate stress of "what did I remember to forget" today!" -Lynn Mason-Pattnosh-ConciergeQ Host and Executive Producer


Unlike the rest of the bowls in your kitchen, at home or in your camper, BOWLZ brand bowls stay ice cold thanks to the highest food grade stainless steel, heat resistant powder coating exterior, and a thermo-vacuum inner chamber. BOWLZ also offers bright colors, a bold logo, and lightweight design. Durable on the road or at home, BOWLZ are dishwasher safe, rust free, and dent resistant.

"As a food blogger, these little guys are a nice addition to my kitchen. Using BOWLZ allows me to actually take photos and videos of ice cream AND also enjoy eating it before any melting occurs. I no longer need to rush to get my shot--so useful!" -Tasha Dwhaj, ConciergeQ Host and Producer

Please click here for more on BOWLZ.

Chamberlain Coffee:

Each Chamberlain Steeped Coffee bag is pre-ground, pre-dosed, and nitro-sealed for freshness using 100% specialty coffee from Bixby Roasting Co. After personally sampling craft coffee from over 15 countries, Emma Chamberlain, a YouTuber and influencer, selected a blend of sustainably grown coffees from Colombia, Guatemala, and Nicaragua that are hand-roasted in small batches at Bixby’s L.A. headquarters. The result is a rich and smooth cup with hints of chocolate and cherry.

"Don't be surprised when you check-in to your COVID-clean hotel room and the once standard coffee maker is missing. With this shared, I simply can't say enough about Chamberlain Coffee. I promise that you will not feel as if you are missing anything using Chamberlain's steeped coffee bag. In fact, you might enjoy this delicious coffee so much that it could become part of your routine at home too." -Lynn Mason-Pattnosh-ConciergeQ Host and Executive Producer

Please click here for more on Chamberlain Coffee.

Chil Wellness:

Are you trying to go with the flow, especially when traveling this summer? Chil Wellness has created a De-Stress Balm to help you achieve a sense of serenity and relaxation so you can travel with ease this summer and fall. De-Stress Balm is formulated with 500mg of full-spectrum CBD, Ylang Ylang, fresh citrus and other essential oils to help you relax and calm your mood. 

"This De-Stress Balm is nothing short of delightful. When placed on my pulse points, I can actually feel myself starting to relax and breathe. Also, as a chronic headache sufferer, De-Stress Balm's recipe also helps to releve pain and even opens up my sinuses." -Lynn Mason-Pattnosh-ConciergeQ Host and Executive Producer


Seeking fashionable, adorable, and oh-so-cozy compression socks? Nabee is your prefect fit! For those who fly over five hours and wear compression socks, studies show that they had improved energy, alertness, concentration and sleep. Compression socks also alleviate pain, fatigue and swelling while preventing spider and varicose veins. For athletes, wearing compression socks during a workout give a higher rate of tissue recovery and less muscle soreness after. 

"I couldn't wait to try out my sweet Nabee heart compression shocks on my next flight. As I am still waiting to fly (as many of us are), I tried something new and went hiking in my socks instead. Living at over 5,000 feet in Idaho, I'm honestly not sure why I had not hiked in compression socks earlier. However, I am happy to report, Nabee made a huge difference in any soreness I might have typically experienced. Also, I am not embarrassed to share that I have a wide foot, and Nabee graciously sent me both a women's small and medium to try. If you are trying to decide between these two sizes, I would purchase the medium, at least for exercise. I will report if "size-wise" Nambee behaves any differently when traveling by plane shortly (hopefully)!" -Lynn Mason-Pattnosh-ConciergeQ Host and Executive Producer

Please click here for more on Nabee.

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