Jet Lag VS. Superfood Tabs from Voke

My usual tactic for the dreaded jet lag is to pretend it isn’t going to happen, it’s not happening, and then continue to remain firmly in denial until I eventually fall asleep mid-sentence. This is why I was excited to return home from my last overseas trip and see if “taking the Voke challenge” would help me combat my jet lag. It did!

I started taking the Voke tabs the morning after my arrival from Europe, one chewable tablet in the morning and one again mid-afternoon. The direct impact on my jet lag was significant—Voke indeed worked! I did not feel droopy, foggy or any other adjective that would allow me to fall asleep mid-sentence after this trip.

Then, after getting over my jet lag hump, as suggested by Voke “for sensitive bodies,” I did begin to cut back on my dosage to half a tablet. I am a petite woman (my son is now larger than me at age 11), so I wasn’t surprised when I fell into the sensitive category for this product. However, my cynical jet lagged self was more than pleasantly surprised that Voke worked for me.

Some additional recommended usages of the superfood tabs by Voke:

    • Refreshed Mind
    • Sharp Focus
    • Bright Mood
    • Productive Energy
    • Weight Control
    • Natural Antioxidant
    • Essential Nutrients 
    • Immune Support
    • Sport Endurance

Learn more about Voke Superfood Tabs at In addition, the Voke team has gifted CQ's audience the unique promo code CONCIERGEQUESTIONNAIRE for 20% off all purchases of the product. 

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