J.J. Green, Actor-QAmbassador

J.J. Green, Actor

ConciergeQ: Which films inspired you to travel? Why?

Around the World in 80 Days, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Into the Wild. These films are a great reminder that the world has some really beautiful places that we often take for granted. We must all take the time to explore new places and adhere to our adventurous sides."

They say that when true talent aligns with your passion, that's when you know it's destiny. For actor, Jonathan Jason Green II, those paths crossed earlier than anyone could have expected, and the impact of this union was nothing short of magical. Noted in the film and television industry as "J.J. Green", Green is best known as Trevor in CBS Films', The Duff. However, before his path led him to the big screen, Green had often dreamed of sharing his theatrical talents to the world through story-telling while growing up in Michigan. On November 7, he will be seen in the television feature film Stock Option on TVOne; and in January 2016, he will be appear as Ben Cooper in the highly anticipated PBS show Mercy Street.

To learn more about J.J. Green, please follow the young actor on Twitter and Instagram

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