Kevin Daniel, Singer-Songwriter-QAMBASSADOR
Kevin Daniel, Singer-Songwriter
What are your favorite travel songs? 

"When I like a song, I kill it, like I listen to it constantly. Right now that’s "Whitehouse Road"-Tyler Childers, but before that, probably "The Waiting"-Tom Petty. They’re just good road songs. Simple, well written. Technically they’re both easy to play and the choruses are so damn catchy."

When Kevin Daniel finished his second EP, Myself Through You, which was recorded at Degraw Sound in Brooklyn, NY, and produced, engineered, and mixed by Ben Rice. Kevin gathered together a host of talented, professional musicians from all backgrounds for the project, which resulted in a richly recorded blend of genres and instruments. “When I started thinking about this EP, I knew I wanted to get some of the best musicians I know in the studio. With Ben’s help we created a space where people could come in, lay down their own version of the parts, and create something unique to them as well as the record,” says Kevin.

Featuring instrumentation as diverse as pedal steel guitar, flugelhorn, and bluegrass banjo, the songs on Myself Through You deliver sublime lamentations of the country-tinged Americana Daniel has created over the last few years. The EP’s title track "Myself Through You’ is Daniel’s attempt to take a subjective look at his own life. “I often find myself trying to take a step back and see life from someone else’s eyes,” says Kevin. “This song came into being at a time where I was really struggling to understand someone else’s point of view. I think we all struggle with that daily.”

New album, Things I Don't See on iTunes.

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