Museum Traveller: A New Online Platform
Museum Traveller brings an experience of exploring museums, science and wildlife centers, and historical sites on one subscription-based online platform through a laptop or virtual reality headset anytime and from anywhere in the world. The team uses the best cameras on the market, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies to build 134 megapixels high-quality realistic virtual spaces that provide an immersive visitor’s experience and a sense of actually being at those places. Virtual tours are completely accessible online anywhere.
Together with an amazing team of specialists from different fields, including Coyote Peterson, YouTube personality, and Brave Wilderness and Animal Planet hosts, Museum Traveller is removing language, distance, and psychological barriers, making institutions and their resources accessible, and transforming the way people travel and explore.
ConciergeQ spoke with Alena Iskanderova-Founder Museum Traveller about the new site's Kickstarter campaign and travel.
ConciergeQ: How did this idea first start?
Alena Iskanderova: I'm a paleontologist and photogrammetrist who creates 3D models of fossils and sites as a way to preserve and documents them for future researches and just for the general public to discover our planet's wonders. I was flooded with kind words and support from people all over the world, thanking me for providing them with an opportunity to see it online and through my camera's lens.

It prompted me to develop the first 3D virtual museum for children and adults who may browse and learn about exhibits at their leisure. Many friends saw it, and it was a lot of fun watching kids explore the Tyrannosaurus rex skull and measuring Triceratops horns as they went from one virtual room to the next.
CQ: What is Museum Traveller's main goal?
AI: Our main goal is to make the museums and science centers resources available to everyone on one platform. Many museums are located in places where there aren't many tourists. Furthermore, our staff is working to translate displays, signs, and descriptions into various languages to assist those who do not speak English and to create educational content for each exhibit such as videos and talks by educators and museum curators.
CQ: Do you have a savorite museum featured on your site?

AI: The Morrison Natural History Museum is our first collaborator, and I'm thankful for the trust, patience, and support that was shown to me by Matt Mossbrucker, director and curator, as well as all staff and volunteers.
CQ: ConciergeQ is "where travel meets entertainment." What is your favorite road trip song? Why?

AI: I spend a lot of time on the road, and many of my journeys are in the desert. "Born to be Wild" by Steppenwolf is one of my favorite road trip songs; it's really motivating!
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