Sekai No Owari Ready For Global Stardom After the Tokyo International Music Market
A country much celebrated for its innovation, Japan has frequently been at the forefront of modern entertainment, a humming cultural hotbed where art and technology seem to collide in truly compelling ways. And, in this regard, the members of Sekai No Owari might just be Japan’s finest representatives. 
As one of the hottest and most inventive musical acts in Japan, Sekai No Owari is poised for worldwide superstardom, as they prepare to bring their imaginative live shows to music fans across the globe. On Tuesday, October 20, they performed to a massive crowd at the 12th Annual Tokyo International Music Market, a three-day event during the Japan Content Showcase that promotes the export of Japanese music. In addition, Sekai No Owari’s latest album, is currently in production and set for global release in 2016.
Comprised of four impeccably skilled childhood friends, Nakajin (leader of the group, lead guitar, sound production); Fukase (lead vocal, group conceptualist), Saori (stage production, piano), and the masked clown DJ LOVE (sonic palette, comedic stage banter), Sekai No Owari, which translates to “End of the World,” is far more than a group of musicians. They’re visionaries and conceptualists, who have managed to seamlessly meld music and art, and transcend the barriers of a typical live show. 
Sekai No Owari’s original creation, known as “Tokyo Fantasy,” incorporates a massive stage setup, with a high-concept, mind-bending magic tree house – a testament to the band’s unparalleled fearlessness in creative design and entertainment. Giving fans a live experience nothing short of sublime, Sekai No Owari has performed all across Japan, selling out concerts at a variety of venues, including the legendary Budokan. Their much-lauded show, “Twilight City,” featured Austin Mahone as a supporting guest and filled Japan’s largest venue, Nissan Stadium.  The band’s music has been featured in numerous commercials, television shows and movies, proving their remarkable ability to reach a vast array of listeners. 
In 2015, Sekai No Owari released their second studio album, Tree, which debuted at #1 on Japan’s music charts.  Now, after years of preparation, the band is ready to take their originality to music fans all around the world.
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