StormTrooper Coaches: Are you ready for a Luxury Family Road Trip?

With canceled European vacations and cautious travel as a trend, families are seeking a new way to travel, and just because kids are back in school doesn't mean summer is over--especially since many are distance learning. Summer 2020, the season of the road trip, moves into fall 2020 with StormTrooper Coaches leading the way. 

StormTrooper’s regular clientele are celebrities and rock stars, who they use the million-dollar coaches while on tour or when traveling across the United States. But, with COVID and the concert scene coming to a stand-still, StormTrooper, like so many other businesses, had to pivot. Today, they are serving the public and are available for families to rent and take that summer vacation anywhere in the US. What better way to see our National Parks than with a driver and luxury accommodations?

The coaches can sleep up to 12 people, are equipped with WIFI, gaming systems, kitchen, hot shower, TV--essentially, a luxury hotel on wheels. Each driver is tested for COVID before the trip, and because they normally drive after a music concert, are used to driving at night, so you can get the bulk of your distance done as the family sleeps and arrive to your destination refreshed and ready to explore. Ready to go but not sure where? StormTrooper works with two travel agencies that can put together the itinerary for you, so you know where to go and what to see.

ConciergeQ spoke with StormTrooper's Co-Owners Nick Benavides and Casey Chavez about traveling on a luxury coach and more!

ConciergeQ: What is the most unusual trip you have booked since COVID?
StormTrooper Coaches: Musicians want to take the coach to get creative. No real itinerary in place--just wanted to get out of the house so he could get his creative juices flowing.  
CQ: I see there are empty leg bookings available. Can you talk about how this works?
STC: Once we book a trip, the coach needs to return back to our yard regardless. We often sometimes will list the open leg, similar to a Private Chartered Jet open leg where anyone can take advantage of this leg for a lesser price than normal. It is going back empty, might as well get some use! It not always they fill up, but it's worth the try!
CQ: What is your cleaning process?
STC: We have our coaches professionally cleaned and once they pass the level of sanitization we require, we place a Ozone machine in the coach for 24-48 hours.  This kills all of the bacteria and microorganisms that could be present, and also eliminates all odors.  
CQ: What type of trip would you recommend booking for a family? 
STC: We recommend taking a National Park tour. Zion, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Moab are all great destinations you can see back to back Its almost like time travel, fall asleep and wake up in a new location every morning. Our coaches sleep up to 12 people so any number works, but no more than 12 are allowed. 
CQ: What is your favorite road trip song?
STC: We love the Beatles and classic rock!
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