Suzanne Hazlett: 'Material Possibilities'

From now through April 30th contemporary artist Suzanne Hazlett's Material Possibilities, her first exhibition at Gail Severn Gallery in Ketchum, Idaho, is on display for art lovers visiting Sun Valley to enjoy.

Gail Severn Gallery describes Hazlett’s work as "luminescent paintings (that) have an earthen quality which begins with the materials. Marble plaster, clay, beeswax, natural pigments and oil glazes are a part of her ritual of adding and subtracting to her surfaces, what often amounts to twenty or thirty layers of color and medium."

Hazlett states this about her work and process, “The layering protocol I undergo to create my paintings is both laborious and blissful - I welcome the solemnity of the process. I intend the resulting pieces to convey a sense of depth and to offer evidence of their evolution.”

Suzanne sat down with ConciergeQ to discuss the impactful Material Possibilities and the art-centric community of Sun Valley, Idaho.

ConciergeQ: Congratulations on your new show Material Possibilities at Gail Severn Gallery. This is you first exhibition at this gallery. What does this mean to you?

Suzanne Hazlett: The creative process is most often a solitary endeavor. Hours, days, months and years are spent alone in the studio. Artists are compelled to create whether or not there is an audience receptive to the work. The opportunity for my work to be exhibited at Gail Severn Gallery is a formidable experience for me. At once it is affirming, rewarding, humbling and memorable.

CQ: You are drawn to Robert Rauschenberg's quote "You begin with the possibilities of the material." Can you elaborate a bit on why this quote speaks to you?

SH: The organic quality of my paintings begins with the materials. Marble plaster, clay, and beeswax are the parts of the whole. By using those natural elements I am able to layer color and media to reach a refined coarseness and quiet abstraction that I find evokes an emotional response. Following a dedicated process of adding and subtracting what may be twenty or thirty layers of color and material - my paintings arrive at the eventual visual and tactile end of their journey.

CQ: Sun Valley Gallery Walk is coming up on Friday. Why is gallery walk a must experience event in Sun Valley, Idaho?

SH: The art galleries within our mountain community surpass those of many metropolitan locations. The extraordinary diversity of the artists' works exhibited speaks to the differentiation of the collectors. There truly is something for everyone. By hosting Gallery Walk events, the galleries create a welcoming and celebratory atmosphere when they throw open their doors and offer a toast to all those who cross the threshold and to the artists whose work they showcase.

Material Possibilities at Gail Severn Gallery ● 400 First Ave North, Ketchum, Idaho March 2–-April 30, 2015 208-726-5079 ●

For more on Suzanne Hazlett and her work, please visit and, and follow the artist on Facebook and Twitter.


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