Los Angeles-based artist Em Rossi is the next young singer who is set on conquering international charts, and she owes her popularity to one of the newest innovations to date: the karaoke app SMULE. Similarly to shooting stars such as Shawn Mendes (breakthrough thanks to the video portal Vine) and Lil Nas X (who became a chart topper as a result of his immense popularity on Tik Tok), Rossi has managed to generate an impressive fanbase on SMULE - and consequently on YouTube - in recent years (almost 700,000 followers on Smule, over seven million views on YouTube). An international level of popularity, that led to the releases of the 21-year-old California native to climb to the top of the trend charts in many countries, including Australia, Canada, France and Italy. Now, Em Rossi has signed a major record deal with Sony Music RCA Germany, where she celebrated her debut with the single "Got This Feeling." 
Travel on with ConciergeQ's interview series TRAVELERS, featuring singer-songwriter Em Rossi.
ConciergeQ: What is your first memory of traveling? 
Em Rossi: The first time I was ever in a plane was when I was a baby. I don’t remember much, of course,  but my family has a photo of it somewhere. I was this Swedish looking child in a purple puffer jacket with a bowl-shaped haircut holding an Elmo stuffed animal. I remember thinking how tiny I was in the seat and hearing all the noise. It reminded me of being in a tunnel.
CQ: Share a favorite travel memory. 
ER: My family has so many. I’d have to say my favorite was all of the trips we did to Lake Tahoe. It was our annual summer vacation. It wasn’t that we did anything drastically different every time, just that it always represented family. All the bike rides where my dad would try to make baby me go on mountain trails that were far too difficult for a child so I’d freak out, the time we tried going down the Truckee River in our kayak and flipped over, fishing for crawdads on the piers, Chambers Landing, burning your feet on the beach rocks, Sunnyside Restaurant and its giant Hula pie (don’t forget the zucchini fries), skipping rocks, Fire Sign Cafe, the smell of pine every morning. My absolute favorite thing was when we bought our paddle board. I could’ve spent hours out on the lake. 
CQ: Tell us a travel tale… 
ER: Further up from my hometown in Petaluma, California there’s a long stretch of secluded coastline. It was my family’s escape from everything. No cell service, just you in the middle of nowhere in a cottage by the ocean. About a year before my dad passed, my mom, dad, and I took a weekend trip out there together. One morning I woke up really early. I was going to go out for a walk along the cliffside by myself. As I was getting ready I heard my dad quietly slip out of the house. We had the same idea. I let him go for a bit and then I followed shortly after. I found him sitting at the cliff edge near a corner where the waves would crash hard against the rocks and shoot up the rock wall. He was writing in his journal. I came up and sat down next to him. I didn’t talk until he finished. Once he was done, he chuckled calling it his “deep thought” of the day and gave me his journal. My family keeps his journals private but he had basically written a piece on his life as the way the ocean ebbs and flows or hits hard against the rocks. 
That stretch of coast holds a lot of meaning in my family’s life. It’s the place we’d always go to when we needed to stop and think. He and I had many moments like that together but there was a unique significance sitting with him that morning. My dad always came off as this bold and resilient man, which he definitely was. However, very few saw the openly vulnerable man he actually was. It takes a strong person to be able to balance resilience and an open heart. I respect him greatly for never hiding anything from me as a kid, even coming to me privately since he knew I’d be able to understand.
CQ: Which film has inspired you to travel?
ER: I’ll never forget how inspired my family was when we watched the movie "The Way" by Emilio Estevez, which was based on the book by Jack Hitt. It showed the Camino de Santiago. My dad and I said, that when I graduated college, we were going to walk the trail together. My family has always been inspired by trips like these. There’s just something about being alone in nature. My dad and I always did things like this together. When I was in high school, we used to get up early over the weekends, put the dogs in our car, and drive out to Dillon Beach. We’d have the entire beach to ourselves. 
CQ: What is your favorite travel song?
ER: When I was younger, my family, and a large group of family friends would get together for a major camping trip at the Russian River. Almost every night, we’d sit around the campfire and my dad would play guitar and sing songs. He would always sing “American Pie” by Don McLean. Everyone would instantly light up. It was our grand finale. We’d shout it at the top of our lungs until the camp ground security came by and told us to shut up. I think I heard my dad play that song a million times.
CQ: Where would you like to visit in the near future? 
ER: My travel experience abroad is utterly lacking, so I’m itching to go anywhere and everywhere! I’ve only been to Germany, so my first pick is definitely to see more of Europe. However, I’ve always had a massive interest in Japan. Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to see the different cities and landscapes. I love the contrasts of tradition, sophistication, and simplicity to massive cities, bold lights, and its crazy imagination in anime.
CQ: Which TRAVELER should ConciergeQ interview next?
ER: Devon.
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