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With critical acclaim from Relix Magazine, No Depression, American Songwriter, Under The Radar, Blue Ridge Outdoors, Ditty TV, Radio Woodstock, Blurt Magazine, Americana Highways, and The Alternate Root, emerging Americana artist Kevin Daniel's debut album, Things I Don’t See, has captured the US music scene. The journey has been cathartic as music is the only path Daniel has ever known. Starting when he was five, singing Disney songs into a turkey baster, Kevin studied piano and saxophone, and by middle school was playing in state symphonic bands, touring with classical horn trios, and singing his heart out while exploring a growing passion for guitar. By the time he graduated from George Washington University, Daniel had played in two quartets, four high school orchestras, two jazz and blues bands, one bluegrass band, one punk ska group, and even sang tenor in an acapella group. In the years since, Kevin’s songs, the ones that thread his EPs, 2014’s FLY, a collection written in the painful aftermath of a tragic plane crash that took the lives of his parents, and 2017’s Myself Through You, have led him to discover things he couldn’t see. 
Travel on with ConciergeQ's interview series TRAVELERS, featuring singer-songwriter Kevin Daniel.
ConciergeQ: What is your first memory of traveling? 
Kevin Daniel: My mom and stepdad rented a sailboat when I was about nine years old. We sailed around the Virgin Islands with my stepdad as captain and it rocked. Visited uninhabited island, snorkled random reefs, and even blew through a pretty heavy storm. It was my first time discovering a new culture, and is still one of the best trips I have ever taken.
CQ: Share a favorite travel memory. 
KD: I recently went to the UK for the first time to play a week's worth of shows. London is amazing. Everything is so old and it's a totally different world, but everyone speaks English! As an American, it's pretty wild being in a different country where you can actually understand what's going on. It was so pretty and everyone super nice. Can't wait to get back!
CQ: Tell us a travel tale… 
KD: Oh man, one time my ex-girlfriend and I drove the car all the way a volcano to hike to the top and see the crater. It was POURING rain at the top of the mountain, and when we came back, the car wouldn't start because our electronic key got wet. We had to coast the car the entire way down the mountain with NO power steering and only my brakes to set our speed. It was pretty intense, but we made it! By the time we got down, the key had dried off and the car started.
CQ: Which film has inspired you to travel?
KD: I watch a LOT of surf films. I surf every week even during the winter, so I'm pretty obsessed. There's a series called Weird Waves where some pro surfers go around the world looking for different kinds of waves, like in rivers, pools, lakes, stuff like that. They go to some crazy places and meet some wild people. I want to visit every weird wave they find, especially this one they highlighted on a river in Munich.
CQ: What is your favorite travel song?
KD: For a long time, when I was on the road last year, I was pumping Sturgill Simpson's Sound and Fury. It's an amazing album and it just drives so hard. It's a good road song. Usually, when I travel, I listen to the same album over and over. I don't know why that happens, but it does!
CQ: Where would you like to visit in the near future? 
KD: The next BIG spot on my list is Japan. I LOVE to surf and I LOVE to snowboard, and Japan has both. Also I love all Asian food. I have heard some great things about the smaller islands and I'd love to get there soon!
CQ: Which TRAVELER should ConciergeQ interview next?
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