UnMask'd: The Social Experiment

UnMask'd was established on a plane.

‚ÄčI was flying from Qatar to Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. A 15 hour long flight.

There were two young women sitting next to me. 

I wondered about their stories.

Did they live in the US? Why were they traveling from Qatar? Were they related? What is their story?

So I wrote on a piece of paper, "What is one thing you wish people knew about you?" 

The girl next to me gave a shy smile, asked to use my pen and then sat there for a moment thinking. 

Her response, "My father worked and studied to get out of his village in Tehran, Iran. My mother never went to college and in one generation they sent two kids through college." 

Her and her sister are currently studying at the University of Texas. 

It was clear that she was very proud to co-represent the first generation in her family to attend a university.

Her name was Roya.

This got my mind running about the ways in which we read one another.

Be a part of this movement to take off the mask and reveal that the above statements are true.

-Emilee Struss, UnMask'd #2018by2018


To join Emilee's social experiment and her Goal: 2,018 responses by 2018, please email your responce:

All responses to UnMask'd will remain anonymous.


Video Credit: Jordan Baker
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