Posted 09/15/09

The Mansion on O Street: Washington D.C.

The Mansion on O Street: Washington D.C.
The Mansion on O Street/pjb photos

The Mansion on O Street is a fanciful and eclectic Victorian hotel, private club, as well as a museum, located in Dupont Circle's historic district of Washington DC. In 1980, H. H. Leonards Sero, the creator and owner, innovatively designed The Mansion “as a small private luxury hotel and club, conference center, and museum; combining art, architecture, literature and inspiration to craft an exhilarating, entertaining experience.” Indeed, guests are invited to explore and enjoy The Mansion, which is actually five interconnecting townhouses, and it's whimsical, and yet upscale, “one-hundred rooms and thirty-two secret doors.” Moreover, The Mansion’s Sunday brunch, which showcases jazz and gospel music, and their popular evening music shows, where marquee names have been known to drop in for a surprise set, are a Washington DC local's best kept secret!

Julia Sophia is a Manager at The Mansion on O Street.

The Concierge Questionnaire: Julia Sophia,  Manager

What is your favorite word to describe Washington D.C.? Radiant.

What word best reflects the people of Washington D.C.? Diverse.

What is the most creative, spiritual or emotional place in Washington D.C.? The Mansion.

What is your favorite outdoor activity in Washington D.C.? Walking through the Botanical Gardens.

United States Botanical Gardens:
100 Maryland Ave NE
Hours: Conservatory 10am-5 pm, the National Garden 10-7pm, and Bartholdi Park dawn-dusk.
Please visit United States Botanical Gardens for detailed directions and much more!

What is your favorite indoor activity in Washington D.C.? A treasure hunt at The Mansion.

The Mansion on O Street creates scavenger hunt events “like no other! Explore over 100 rooms behind 32 secret doors!” Visit The Mansion on O Street to reserve a private scavenger hunt.

What is your favorite sound or noise in Washington D.C.? July Fourth Fireworks at The Mall.

The National Mall and Memorial Parks are home to such icons as: the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
Please visit National Mall Independence Day Celebration for additional information regarding the July Fourth Fireworks!

What is your favorite smell or taste in Washington D.C.? Hot Dogs at the ballpark.

In March 2008, The Nationals Park became the home of The Washington Nationals, a professional baseball team in Major League Baseball's National League. Please visit The Washington Nationals for their current game schedule and much more!

What drink best reflects Washington D.C.? Red, White or Blue Martini.

A Red, White or Blue Martini is a layered drink made with three “red, white and blue” liquors, such as: blue curacao, grenadine, and peach schnapps!

What song or type of music best reflects Washington D.C.? John Lennon - Imagine (Remastered) Imagine.

If Heaven were Washington D.C., what would God say to a visitor when they arrive at the Pearly Gates? What’s your position on healthcare?

The Mansion on O Street: Washington D.C. • 2020 O Street NW, Washington D.C. • Phone: 202-496-2020

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