Posted 02/09/10

SCOTTEVEST/SeV: Ketchum, Idaho

SCOTTEVEST Travel Vest/Article: Ashley M. Wells

Ketchum, Idaho-based SCOTTEVEST/SeV makes travel apparel for “the trip of your life.” SeV clothing features a plethora of pockets to stow everything from your iPod to your passport. The activewear line includes jackets, vests, shirts, and pants designed with technology in mind. Electronic devices can be controlled “in pocket” through the clear touch cloth, and headphone wires stay managed, thanks to the Personal Area Network (PAN). SeV is the first and only clothing line with a pocket for the iPad. In addition, SeV gear has been featured on NBC’s “Chuck” and in the Matthew McConaughey-blockbuster Sahara. Apple co-founder and SeV Board Member Steve Wozniak, musician Herbie Hancock, and renowned authors Amy Tan and Scot Turow are among SCOTTEVEST’s fans.

Company-founder and CEO Scott Jordan started SCOTTEVEST to solve the problem of how to carry and organize all his gadgets and gear without a “man-purse”. Check out more from Scott Jordan on his SCOTTEVEST/SeV blog and watch his live streaming videos!

The Concierge Questionnaire: Scott Jordan,  CEO and Founder

What is your favorite word to describe Ketchum? Fun.

What word best reflects the people of Ketchum? Eclectic.

What is the most creative, spiritual or emotional place in Ketchum? Anywhere near the river.

The Big Wood River runs through Sun Valley and Ketchum, before joining the Snake River in Hagerman, Idaho.

What is your favorite outdoor activity in Ketchum? A 7 mile hike with my Poodles in September.

Scott has 3 Standard Poodles who often star in his live streaming videos!

Sun Valley boasts nearly 28 miles of hiking and biking trails. Chair lifts on Bald Mountain are open during the summer providing easy access to over 3,000 vertical feet.

Please visit Sun Valley Resort Summer Trails for detailed maps and trail information or for other great area hiking.

What is your favorite indoor activity in Ketchum? Sitting by a fire at home.

What is your favorite sound or noise in Ketchum? Silence.

What is your favorite smell or taste in Ketchum? Smoke from fireplaces.

What drink best reflects Ketchum? Water.

What song or type of music best reflects Ketchum? Classical music, symphony.

In 2008, The Sun Valley Summer Symphony, the largest privately funded, free admission symphony in America, moved to the Sun Valley Pavilion at the Sun Valley Resort.

Please visit Sun Valley Summer Symphony for their current music schedule and more!

Throughout the year, the Sun Valley Opera brings international performers for exclusive concerts.

Please visit Sun Valley Opera for their music schedule and ticket information.

If Heaven were Ketchum, what would God say to a visitor when they arrive at the Pearly Gates? Welcome, come on in and chill!

SCOTTEVEST/SeV: Ketchum, Idaho • 511 East 4th Street, Suite 2, Ketchum, Idaho • Phone: 866-909-8378 or 208-727-6700

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