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Hotel Encanto Acapulco: Acapulco, Mexico

Hotel Encanto Acapulco: Acapulco,  Mexico
Hotel Encanto Acapulco

Nestled on the cliffs of Acapulco, Mexico, with spectacular views of the bay, the beautiful boutique Hotel Encanto is a “haven of tranquility, peacefulness and light.” The brainchild of prominent Mexican architect and owner Miguel Angel Aragones, Hotel Encanto’s tribute to the sea maybe enjoyed wherever one looks, as the exceptional design allows guests to encounter the ocean at every turn. In addition, each of the thoroughly modern rooms and suites have private terraces facing the ocean and are complete with all white custom furniture, so as the ambiance of lighting may be altered by the guest in accordance with their mood. Moreover, Flor de Mar 360°, the hotel's signature restaurant, is led by Mexican celebrity chef Monica Patiño, who has also created a special “breeze, deep blue of the ocean, and the splendor of Acapulco nights” inspired menu for Hotel Encanto’s stunning Lounge area.

Aline Román is a concierge at Hotel Encanto. The Hotel Encanto is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

The Concierge Questionnaire: Aline Román,  Concierge

What is your favorite word to describe Acapulco? Magical.

What word best reflects the people of Acapulco? Warm.

What is the most creative, spiritual or emotional place in Acapulco? "La Quebrada" cliffs.

Since the 1930s, La Quebrada Divers have been entertain tourists by jumping off the high cliffs of Acapulco.

La Quebrada: Near the old centre of Acapulco, the cliffs are a 10-15 minute walk or a short taxi ride from El Zócalo, the main square.
Hours: Daily 1pm, 7:30pm, 8:30pm, 9:30pm and 10:30pm

What is your favorite outdoor activity in Acapulco? Watch the amazing sunsets enjoying the spectacular views of the bay.

What is your favorite indoor activity in Acapulco? Dancing at one of the world's famous night clubs in Acapulco.

Known for its year-round Spring Break vibe, Acapulco is home to some of the most famous night clubs in the world, such as:

El Alebrije: Costera Aleman 3308
Hours: 11pm-5am

Palladium: Carretera Escenica, Las Brisas
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10pm-Close

What is your favorite sound or noise in Acapulco? The sound of the waves crashing into the sand, the smooth roar of the sea.

What is your favorite smell or taste in Acapulco? The salty smell of the sea and the taste of a fine meal with the best company.

At the Hotel Encanto’s restaurant, Flor de Mar 360°, an original creation of celebrated Mexican chef Monica Patiño, guests enjoy delicious and fresh seasonal cuisine with Asian accents.

What drink best reflects Acapulco? A delicious and fun "Margarita" at the beach. We do have a special Margarita, which is made with bougainvillea extract. This is one of our signature drinks, although we also have Marzipan margarita which is delicious. And I would say both are my favorites!

What song or type of music best reflects Acapulco? All kinds of music, from tropical rhythms to electronic.

If Heaven were Acapulco, what would God say to a visitor when they arrive at the Pearly Gates? Welcome to Paradise, you will never want to leave!

Hotel Encanto Acapulco: Acapulco, Mexico • Jacques Custeau 51, Acapulco, Mexico • Phone: (52-744)446 7102 or 800-525-48000

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