Posted 01/07/11

Jamie Lee Curtis: Sun Valley, Idaho

Jamie Lee Curtis: Sun Valley, Idaho
Jamie Lee Curtis/Article: Kathleen L. Turner

Actress, author, and adored Sun Valley sister, Jamie Lee Curtis is revered by fans around the globe for her honest delivery of wellness wisdom that is capped with a healthy enthusiasm for life. Born into acting royalty, daughter of Hollywood film stars Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, Jamie Lee earned her acting stripes early and continued on, walking miles in the shoes of her diverse talents. From her 80s iconic vamp in A Fish Called Wanda, to a modern day parenting sage - Curtis continues to broadcast life’s lessons of love and acceptance through her children’s books, including My Mommy Hung the Moon, Big Words for Little People, and It’s Hard To Be Five, illustrated by Laura Cornell, under the Harper Collins banner. In 2010, she starred on the big-screen with Sigourney Weaver in You Again, and continues to win audiences with witty, inspired talk show appearances. Curtis, sharing a private life with husband Christopher Guest and their two children, recharges herself by returning to their Idaho home, where the Sun Valley ski run ‘Leigh Lane’ memorializes her mother, and family memories connect her to the people and places of her childhood.

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The Concierge Questionnaire: Jamie Lee Curtis,  Actress and Author

What is your favorite word to describe Sun Valley? Home.

What word best reflects the people of Sun Valley? Friendly.

What is the most creative, spiritual or emotional place in Sun Valley? Richard Odom's Yoga Class.

Inspired classes, held at Ketchum’s gorgeous new Wood River YMCA, are perfect travel companions and workday releases. If you can’t get there, no worries. Richard Odom’s expertise can flow to you via his newly released DVD!

What is your favorite outdoor activity in Sun Valley? Being.

What is your favorite indoor activity in Sun Valley? Reading.

What is your favorite sound or noise in Sun Valley? Silence.

What is your favorite smell or taste in Sun Valley? Anything from Cristina's Restaurant.

In 1993, Cristina Ceccatelli Cook opened Cristina's Restaurant, which serves a delicious menu at the tiny pink house in Ketchum. Cristina is also the author of two successful cookbooks, ‘Cristina's of Sun Valley’ and ‘Cristina's Tuscan Table’.

Cristina's Restaurant: 520 2nd Street East, Ketchum
Hours: Breakfast, Monday-Saturday 7am-11am, Lunch, Monday-Saturday 11am-5:30pm and Sunday Brunch, 9am-3pm

What drink best reflects Sun Valley? Bowl of Soul from Java.

Java Coffee Shop & Café serves their infamous coffee the “Bowl of Soul” - a hot chocolate espresso drink, topped with whipped cream.

Java Coffee Shop & Café:
191 West 4th Street, Ketchum
Hours: Monday-Friday 6am-6pm and Saturday-Sunday 7am-6pm

What song or type of music best reflects Sun Valley? "Idaho Moon" by Alexander Cox.

”And it’s here I’ll stay ‘till my time runs out
‘Till it calls me home and leads me out
of the land/hills that’ll see my soul inflight
By the light of the Idaho Moon”

If Heaven were Sun Valley, what would God say to a visitor when they arrive at the Pearly Gates? Your children will be safe and grow well here.

Jamie Lee Curtis: Sun Valley, Idaho • Sun Valley, Idaho • Phone: ***

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