Posted 03/18/11

Chantal Westerman: Sun Valley, Idaho

Chantal Westerman: Sun Valley, Idaho
Chantal Westerman

After 13 years as a Hollywood Correspondent on ABC's “Good Morning America,” Chantal Westerman is living the dream in the mountain community of Sun Valley, Idaho. Always an audience favorite, Chantal is a highly regarded television personality who is known for her unique, intimate and revealing interview style that renders some of the world's most fascinating people unusually accessible. Discovered accidentally, Chantal suddenly found herself the "traffic girl" on Dallas radio, which then segued into a spot as entertainment reporter for KNUS Radio. After D Magazine named Westerman "The Sexiest Woman In Dallas," it was only natural that television came calling for this charismatic star. Admired for her compassion and volunteerism, Chantal has not only offered her celebrity and time to many causes across the nation, including the HRC (Human Rights Campaign), but is also an avid volunteer in Sun Valley. In addition, Westerman hosted "Second Look" for the Style Network, a groundbreaking show that highlighted social responsibility. Moreover, Chantal is the new Host and Executive Producer of ConciergeQ - where she will share in-depth interviews with guests who have taken the hip, informative and fun travel Questionnaire!

Chantal is the host ConciergeQ Conversations with Chantal Westerman on the Everyday Opera Network, as well as sharing video interviews and more on ConciergeQ's website. Also, look for Chantal‘s postings on Facebook and Twitter too!

The Concierge Questionnaire: Chantal Westerman,  Host and Executive Producer

What is your favorite word to describe Sun Valley? How about four words? The Chronicles of Narnia.

What word best reflects the people of Sun Valley? Seekers.

What is the most creative, spiritual or emotional place in Sun Valley? Walking my dogs in Howard Preserve.

Howard Preserve: Martin Lane, Bellevue
Please visit Wood River Land Trust for additional information!

What is your favorite outdoor activity in Sun Valley? Walking in a snowstorm.

What is your favorite indoor activity in Sun Valley? Sitting at home in my big green chair with a cup of tea watching that same snowstorm.

Sun Valley’s average annual snowfall is 150 inches per year!

What is your favorite sound or noise in Sun Valley? The geese talking to each other as they fly south.

What is your favorite smell or taste in Sun Valley? French croissants fresh out of the oven at Rolling in Dough Bakery.

Rolling in Dough Bakery: 520 Washington, Ketchum
Hours: Monday-Saturday 8am-4pm and Sunday 8am-2pm

What drink best reflects Sun Valley? Water, water, water…

What song or type of music best reflects Sun Valley? One of the many things I love about SV is that whatever music you love, you can find it in Sun Valley. From classical to bluegrass.... It’s here.

August is a great month for music in Sun Valley! During the first two weeks of August, Sun Valley Summer Symphony, at the Sun Valley Resort, hosts the largest privately funded free-admission symphony in America, while Hailey, Idaho welcomes The Northern Rockies Folk Festival- a two-day show jam-packed with bluegrass, country and rock music!

If Heaven were Sun Valley, what would God say to a visitor when they arrive at the Pearly Gates? Welcome- be blessed, be grateful, be thankful. And don’t forget the speed limit is 25 miles per hour.

Chantal Westerman: Sun Valley, Idaho • Sun Valley, Idaho • Phone: ***

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