Kyle Kesterson: Seattle, Washington
Kyle Kesterson, Vanlife Nomad
Seattle, Washington

From dying and coming back to life at 12,000ft in the mountains, to being stranded in a 115º desert, falling down a frozen waterfall in a canyon, being sensory-deprived in caves, or stepping into the lives and homes of colorful characters scattered across the globe, "I wonder where this road goes..." is more often than not, the prompt that begins most of Kyle Kesterson's stories and [mis]adventures.

Kyle, and his faithful-but-fiercely-independent Border Terrier, Bean, have been on the road full time as vanlife nomads for the past 4 years, after leaving their hometown of Seattle. As a self-described Fear Slayer, Kyle's definition for ultimate personal success, is that as he's looking back on his life, just before drawing his last breath, FEAR did not prevent living life, in even the subtlest way. 

This unfolding journey has Kyle scratching at deep questions of what it means to be human, what it means to be alive, and how to remove the barriers that hold us back from living our greatest lives. Always armed with a camera, pen, and unquenchable curiosity, Kyle lives to explore, create, and connect. 

But really... he's just trying to be as huggable as Bean.

Follow their ongoing adventure on Instagram at @KyleKesterson or send an email to get in touch.

This Questionnaire was first published in May 2014.

What is your favorite word to describe Seattle?

An eclectic and supportive community.

What word best reflects the people of Seattle?


What is the most creative, spiritual or emotional place in Seattle?

WeWork in South Lake Union.

WeWork, with a community spanning the globe, transforms buildings into beautiful, collaborative workspaces and provide infrastructure, services, events and tech so members can focus on doing what they love.

What is your favorite outdoor activity in Seattle?

Walking my dog, Bentley Bean, around Green Lake.

What is your favorite indoor activity in Seattle?

Bringing my story ideas to life as organic doodling--a cast of my original characters.

What is your favorite sound or noise in Seattle?

A chorus of musical birds alerting me that spring has sprung.

What is your favorite smell or taste in Seattle?

The cherry blossoms outside my front door.

What drink best reflects Seattle?
What song or type of music best reflects Seattle?

"All the Kids"-Iska Dhaaf.

If Heaven were Seattle, what would God say to a visitor when they arrive at the Pearly Gates?

Use the crosswalk!

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