Louise Goffin: Los Angeles, California
Louise Goffin, Singer and Songwriter
Los Angeles, California

Born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in LA’s Laurel Canyon during its music halcyon days, Louise Goffin is a badass, multi-talented, modern-day renaissance woman. Her jobs in music have ranged from singer-songwriter, multiinstrumentalist, recording artist, record producer, and has been known to tour as a hired gun for other artists. She released her debut album on Elektra/Asylum when she was 19. Along the way Louise produced a Grammy-nominated record for Carole King, “A Holiday Carole” which was King's 17th studio album. Louise has released eight solo albums of her own, on major labels ranging from Elektra/ Asylum, Warner Bros. and Dreamworks to independent releases on her Majority of One imprint.

The Essential Louise Goffin (Vol. 1), her eighth record, features never released tracks including her own "5th of July", a duet with Joseph Arthur on an unearthed Goffin/King song, "If I'm Late", "Take A Giant Step" featuring Jakob Dylan, "Devil's Door" with Cyanide Social Club, and the iconic "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman." An accomplished songwriter in her own right, the younger Goffin began to record some of the songs she loved that were written by her songwriting parents as homage to her father, lyricist Gerry Goffin, who passed on June 19th 2014. In a prolifically creative time, Louise has been releasing a record each year after Songs From The Mine (2014), which was her first release in six years after Bad Little Animals (2008).

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What is your favorite word to describe Los Angeles?


What word best reflects the people of Los Angeles?


What is the most creative, spiritual or emotional place in Los Angeles?

The beach (grab a bike from Perry’s in Venice Beach).

What is your favorite outdoor activity in Los Angeles?

Sitting under trees at Will Rogers State Historic Park.

What is your favorite indoor activity in Los Angeles?

Playing piano.

What is your favorite sound or noise in Los Angeles?

Morning doves.

What is your favorite smell or taste in Los Angeles?

Night blooming jasmine (in Topanga Canyon).

What drink best reflects Los Angeles?
What song or type of music best reflects Los Angeles?

"California Stars" by Wilco.

If Heaven were Los Angeles, what would God say to a visitor when they arrive at the Pearly Gates?

God would say "life's been good if you think about it."

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