Megan Cavallari: Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles, California

Composer, musician, and producer Megan Cavallari has a knack for creating music that industry legend Richard Kraft recently called “amazing and earworm candy.” From film and television soundtracks to stage musicals to being the official composer of the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings, the award-winning Philadelphia native has managed to land at the top of a her profession (despite the fact that less than 1% of all professional composers are females). Now Cavallari has been tapped to write and produce the soundtrack, songs, and score for the upcoming animated feature “Jacob Marley” with animator and visual effects director Russ Francis. That goes along with her Jonathan McHugh-produced opera “The Righteous One: The Irena Sandler Story,” about a WWII hero who saved 2500 children in the Warsaw Ghetto, and her ongoing collaboration with Grammy-nominated pop producer Eric Robinson. However, Cavallari's busy life does not stop there. While raising an eleven year old daughter with juvenile arthritis, Megan has also launched The TALK Foundation, where she records the thoughts and observations of terminally ill children.

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What is your favorite word to describe Los Angeles?
Los Angeles is eclectic.
What word best reflects the people of Los Angeles?
Los Angeles is always changing.
What is the most creative, spiritual or emotional place in Los Angeles?
The most creative and spiritual place in LA for me, is my recording studio. It is sacred. 
What is your favorite outdoor activity in Los Angeles?
There is so many great places to hike here. My favorite spot, where I trained for marathoning, is on a fire road off Topanga Blvd. On a full moon at 4:30 AM  the moon lights the trail. You can watch the sun come up over the ocean on the left and the valley lights turn on to the right. It's magic.
What is your favorite indoor activity in Los Angeles?
My favorite indoor indoor activity, after playing with my daughter, composing tons of music, is playing ice hockey with a bunch of men. Men play at earlier times. Men also love to help females out so they always have suggestions to better my game. I think I love doing men things. I love men.
What is your favorite sound or noise in Los Angeles?
There are a lot of sounds I love in this city. The quiet sound of the LA Kings skates on the ice. The sounds of the ocean in Malibu. The versatile music/sounds of the neighborhoods. I have 2 ducks who live in my pool "Quack" and "Sweet Potato" as a vegan, they remind me every day how animals have souls, personalities and hearts. Quack is the male and comes right up to me and quacks because Sweet Potato is hungry. He lets her eat first. She makes the sweetest "thank you" sounds.
I also love the way my daughter runs down the hallway to my room and yells "MOM!!!!" with something exciting to tell me about anime or show me her latest film. The sound of
children is why I created my foundation. They love being heard. I love listening. 
What is your favorite smell or taste in Los Angeles?
My favorite food in the city is anything at Moby's Little Pine, a top vegan place out of many. 
What drink best reflects Los Angeles?

I think a green juice with vegetables reflects the city's drink.

What song or type of music best reflects Los Angeles?
Randy Newman "I Love LA" is the city's song. Randy can do it all. Write amazing songs and the most touching film scores. He's a genius.
If Heaven were Los Angeles, what would God say to a visitor when they arrive at the Pearly Gates?
Did you do enough for the poor? Did you do enough for the environment and the animals? Did you do enough for the sick and lonely? Did you make amends to those you wronged or hurt? Did you do anything about the innocent being slaughtered because so many people can get automatic weapons and guns so easily? Did you just sit back and not do anything? Did you take action? Were you a generous person?  Were you humble and kind? Did you raise your children well? Did you learn from your mistakes and move on? Did you take you good time with you? What actions you did are the things people will remember you by.  How do you want to be remembered? 
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