Nicole Meier: Bend, Oregon
Nicole Meier, Author
Bend, Oregon

Author Nicole Meier is a native Southern Californian who pulled up roots and moved to the Pacific Northwest. Because of this, her happy places include both the beach and the mountains. Her debut novel, The House of Bradbury, was released in May 2016 via Sparkpress to great acclaim. In Meier's summer sizzler: "Mia Gladwell’s life is going nowhere. The media has skewered her debut novel, her fiancé Carson, a successful Hollywood producer, has jumped ship, and now she’s living in her sister’s carriage house—unattached, unemployed and uninspired. Then she learns that the Los Angeles estate of iconic author Ray Bradbury is up for sale, and she feels an immediate urge to buy the wonky old house, convinced that moving into the late author’s home will inspire her to create her best work yet. (However) life in the Bradbury house is not what Mia imagined." In addition to being a novelist, Nicole writes for several lifestyle and travel publications. She lives in Oregon with her husband and children who kindly put up with her crazy spurts of writerly determination.

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What is your favorite word to describe Bend?


What word best reflects the people of Bend?


What is the most creative, spiritual or emotional place in Bend?

Anywhere along the Deschutes River.

What is your favorite outdoor activity in Bend?

Hiking through the woods. There's something meditative about wandering along a secluded trail head, surrounded by ponderosa pines and the sounds of Mother Nature.

What is your favorite indoor activity in Bend?

Restaurants! We have so many fantastic eateries in which to gather with friends and family. A lot of community building occurs around a table.

What is your favorite sound or noise in Bend?

The rushing sound of the river.

What is your favorite smell or taste in Bend?

The smell of pine trees.

What drink best reflects Bend?

Beer. There are dozens of acclaimed breweries and brew festivals that call Central Oregon home. It's a hops connoisseur's dream.

What song or type of music best reflects Bend?

Michael Franti plays Bend every summer and is hands down a local favorite. His easy vibes represent the spirit of the community. Happy and earthy. His music is a mixture of jazz, hip hop, reggae and funk.

If Heaven were Bend, what would God say to a visitor when they arrive at the Pearly Gates?

Welcome to Bend, here's your paddle board. Now go float the river.

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