'Ripe' - A Kaleidoscope of Fruits and Vegetables

Posted 2012-04-12

'Ripe' Trailer-Paulette Phlipot

Bright, tempting and delicious are just a few words to describe Ripe: A Fresh Colorful Approach to Fruits and Vegetables (Running Press), a new cookbook by author and food writer Cheryl Sternman Rule (the voice behind the popular blog 5 Second Rule) in tandem with award-winning food photographer Paulette Phlipot. Arranged by color, not season, Ripe is a food sensory celebration that will beckon to your inner vegetarian. Why? "Because fruits and vegetables are simply beautiful."

Ripe, a kaleidoscope of cultivars, was an idea that originally manifested with Paulette (who’s early interest in photographing fruits and vegetables occurred due to the necessities of being a ‘starving student’), and, in an unusual occurrence in the cookbook world, the photographer approached the food writer about coming on board. Paulette’s photographs, starting with red and progressing towards a calmer white, are arranged by color to showcase the lush, natural beauty of her subjects, are the heart of Ripe. However, it is Cheryl’s careful consideration of each delicious farmer’s market delicacy that is its soul. The author not only gets personal about her relationship with pineapples, but pokes fun at her whimsical outlook towards asparagus (the world’s new number two pencil) and even goes so far as to declare limes have ‘chutzpah’.

Each ripened seed-bearing or edible part of the stem, leaves or root of the plant in Ripe is accompanied by a lighthearted essay, breathtaking photography, and one showcase recipe, along with three “quick-hit” dish ideas.

Please enjoy this preview of Ripe -- “quick-hit” culinary ideas for cherries, coconut, corn, and watercress!

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