Bob Poole - 'ConciergeQ Conversations with Chantal Westerman'

Posted 2012-11-19

Director and Producer: John Plummer

Bob Poole was in attendance for the 2012 Sun Valley Film Festival as the cinematographer and host of War Elephants, a National Geographic Television film that began airing in April of this year. War Elephants was filmed in Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park, where elephants are in crisis, as years of civil war and ivory poaching have left them frightened and hostile toward humans. The film features the world’s foremost elephant researcher Dr. Joyce Poole, in a documentary by her brother, cameraman Bob Poole, as they work to build trust and retrain the animals away from their violent behavior. War Elephants won Best Documentary at the 2012 Sun Valley Film Festival.

The respected filmmaker grew up in East Africa, where Bob’s father was the director of the Peace Corps, and later the director of the African Wildlife Foundation. Poole has shot many Emmy Award-winning and nominated films, including PBS Nature’s Christmas in Yellowstone, Discovery’s A Year on Earth, and National Geographic's Gorilla Murders. Recently, in 2011, Bob Poole was honored with an Emmy for Outstanding Cinematography on National Geographic's landmark series Great Migrations.

ConciergeQ Conversations with Chantal Westerman invites you to our discussion with noted filmmaker and cinematographer, Bob Poole.

Also, be sure to read James Byrne’s, Media Director of Gorongosa Restoration Foundation, Q&A!

Shot at the Sun Valley Resort’s Sun Room, March 2012-Sun Valley Film Festival.

Bob Poole -
Dr. Joyce Poole, and her brother, Bob Poole
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