Herbert Grönemeyer's ''I WALK'' Viewing Party - URHere

Posted 2013-01-09

Director and Producer: John Pattnosh

Herbert Grönemeyer is Germany's best-selling pop star, having sold almost 20 million albums over thirty years. Now, as Grönemeyer comes to America with the English-language album “I WALK” and a tour in February 2013, he is welcomed with a 90 minute special. “I WALK” aired on Saturday, December 8, 2012 on PBS New York's WLIW and was celebrated with a viewing party at a luxurious Mercedes-Benz Manhattan Showroom.

Enjoy ConciergeQ's exclusive URHere Coverage of Herbert Grönemeyer's ''I WALK'' Viewing Party...

Click here to view a special 4-song edit of Herbert Grönemeyer's "I WALK" concert!

Please visit Gronemeyer.us for additional information on Herbert Grönemeyer, "I WALK," and his upcoming US tour!

"I WALK" video footage courtesy of Herbert Grönemeyer/Grönland Deutschland

Herbert Grönemeyer
Herbert Grönemeyer/Grönland Deutschland
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